In the past 2021, Jasmy has done a lot interesting things and achieved these achievements

Jasmy (JMY) has become the first Japanese blockchain project approved to be listed on the Japanese digital currency exchange, and it is also the first legally compliant digital currency in Japan, which has epoch-making significance for the Japanese digital currency market. In the past, the birth of Bitcoin led the development of digital currency. Today, the success of Jasmy (JMY) has inspired the confidence of the Japanese digital currency market and created a precedent for the legal compliance of Japanese blockchain projects, just like a bright beacon in the ocean.

Now, the following is the progress that JASMY has made in the past 2021 —

1. Conferences in 2021


Jasmy was invited to participate by the Nikkei BP online activities sponsored by the “Digital Innovation 2021” on March 15th.

2. ESTOC2021

On August 20th, ESTOC2021 (Embedded Systems Technology Open Conference) hosted by Witz, a well-known Japanese travel service provider. President JASMY Sato was invited to participate.


Jasmy was invited to participate in the “Okinawa ResorTech EXPO 2021” on November 18th, 2021.

2. Exchange timeline in 2021

3. Project cooperation in 2021

On March 8th, Jasmy reached an agreement with Aplix, which is developing IoT platform product solutions, to start R&D cooperative research and implement demonstration experiments. 

On March 15th, agreed to start research and development cooperation and the implementation of demonstration experiments with Japanius, which handles AI, IoT, Cloud, etc. 

On March 15th, established a joint laboratory for creating a future society with Witz & Co., Ltd. to accelerate the commercialization of Jasmy.

On March 17th, Jasmy started research and development cooperation with Koozyt, Inc. and the implementation of demonstration experiments. Both parties will build a new application architecture engine KJ Engine based on JASMY’s existing blockchain technology. 

On June 4th, Jasmy joined hands with the top club of the Japanese Football League-Tosu Sandstone, becoming the world’s first project to apply blockchain technology to the league field.

On July 2nd, Jasmy formed a strategic alliance with blockchain development company Centrality Ltd., combining its own IoT technology, original ideas and Centrality’s advanced blockchain technology to create a large-scale autonomous and widely used IoT network.

On July 12th, eGame, a company that uses blockchain technology to enhance electronic games and e-sports, has agreed to establish a project partnership with data democratization company Jasmy.

On August 25th, Jasmy officially signed a cooperation agreement with Sagan Dreams, the top club of the Japanese Football League-Tosu Sandstone Team operating company. JASMY has also officially become the official sponsor of the football club and will issue the world’s first football NFT token. 

On October 27th, Jasmy hand in the field of cutting-edge Japanese finance the X-Digital Innovation, use Jasmy personal data cabinet at the customer financial planning advice and Neobank demonstration experiments and other fields. 

On December 19th, Jasmy cooperation with MetaVisa reach the final agreement.

4. Project progress in 2021

On January 11th, Jasmy in “CES 2021” conference to announce the WITZ jointly developed in the area of type MaaS achievements in the field of business innovation “SXiM” platform.

On February 14th,Jasmy Announces Branch Bank capital, BlockAsst Management Pte Ltd, WXY, bitrise Capital, ChainCapital and turbo six well-known investment capital and other institutions nearly 200 million US dollars investment.

On March 15th,Jasmy heavy unveiled a new ad hoc platform entrance “JASMY UNIVERSE”, to achieve the maximum value of data.

On March 15th,Jasmy released “Jasmy Secure PC Concept”, the best solution for teleworkers and for mobile use.

On September 6th, Jasmy passed the slow fog audit. 

On October 1st, Jasmy announced the development of staking services as the first step in business services.

On October 13th, Jasmy Personal Data Locker was installed in Witz’s TISI WIT.

On October 27th, “Jasmy Secure PC Basic Edition” began to ship samples, the best solution for remote work and mobile use. 

On November 5th, announce the lineup and price of “Secure PC” “Powerful Information Security Solution Using Blockchain.”

On November 11th, “Powerful Information Security Solution Using Blockchain” “Secure PC” can now be used in contact centers (application commercial landing)

On November 18th, Transcosmos released a new remote office system for call centers based on JASMY Secure PC. 

On November 22nd, LINE will be fully integrated – JASMY data security exchange application software. 

On December 1st, Jasmy started accepting applications for downloading the basic version of Jasmy Secure PC “Agent DR”.

On December 9th, Jasmy began to study Japan travel and demonstration experiments.

On December 13th, EGI and SAKURA NFT platforms support Jasmy Coin payment.

On December 17th, the basic version of Jasmy Secure PC “Agent DR” can be downloaded and used.

On December 21st, the Japanese exchange BITPoint announced that part of the contract with the brand spokesperson (しんじょうつよし) will be paid in Jasmy (JMY).


6. Overview 2021

Best wishes from Jasmy friends over 14 regions —

To this end, “JASMY’s Brilliant 2021” PPT based on JASMY elements has been created.

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