AERA Vol.4 Series: From Sports to Healthcare, Blockchain is Now a Ubiquitous Presence

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AERA Vol.4 Series: From Sports to Healthcare, Blockchain is Now a Ubiquitous Presence


*This article is a summary of an interview conducted by Ms. Yumi Karahashi, a freelance caster, with Mr. Sato,President & COO of Jasmy Inc. based on the theme "AERA Vol.4: From Sports to Healthcare, Blockchain is Now a Ubiquitous Presence."

Interview Contents

・Is blockchain difficult?

・What is the difference between crowdfunding and fan tokens?

・What can only be achieved with blockchain technology?

Q1: Is blockchain difficult?

A1: Generally, many people perceive blockchain as complex and hard to understand. However, in reality, blockchain technology is widely utilized in everyday situations. Fan tokens serve as a common example, functioning as certificates to support sports teams, and blockchain is employed in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for this purpose.

Q2: What is the difference between crowdfunding and fan tokens?

A2: Crowdfunding is generally a mechanism used to facilitate funding for specific projects or events. On the other hand, fan tokens utilize NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology to provide fans with perks and experiences through sustained support. For example, attending a stadium or making purchases at local participating stores can increase one's status and accumulate points in this system.

Q3: What can only be achieved with blockchain technology?

A3: Blockchain technology allows for the provision of highly reliable information due to its immutability, making data tampering impossible. It also provides traceability to track the origin of information. For instance, in the case of an anonymous review stating, "This sake is exceptionally good," using KYC (Know Your Customer) based on blockchain technology can prove that the individual appreciates sake without revealing personal information. This resolves issues such as fake news and misuse of personal information, ensuring the delivery of accurate and trustworthy information.

Q4: What is the potential of blockchain in the field of medicine?

A4: Blockchain technology is expected to have promising applications in the medical field, and Jasmy Inc. is actively conducting research in collaboration withBio Medica Solution Inc.. Cells contain ultimate personal information, and it is possible to identify individuals from genomic data. By securely protecting individuals' genomic information on the blockchain, it becomes feasible to utilize it in medical areas such as regenerative medicine research while safeguarding sensitive personal information that individuals may not want to disclose.

Yumi Karahashi

She is a freelance caster hailing from Fukushima Prefecture. She has appeared on TBS programs such as "Sunday Morning" and BS Fuji's "Touching! Ozu Monogappuri Soken." Additionally, she holds qualifications as a kimono dressing instructor and a sake connoisseur. Yumi serves as the cheering ambassador for Kitakata City in Fukushima Prefecture and as the primrose ambassador for Fukushima Prefecture.

Kazumasa Sato 

He is President & COO of Jasmy Inc.  He served as President of Sony Style .com Japan Inc. in 2000, and held various positions at Sony, including Director of the Creative Center, before leaving Sony in 2016 to establish Jasmy.

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